We’re fiduciaries. That means we’re on your side.

We’re passionate about your financial success. Absher Wealth Management’s culture is driven by objectivity and results for you, rather than commissions for us. We made the choice to become a fee-only registered investment advisor (RIA), allowing us to act as fiduciaries. It means you get peace of mind knowing we’re working on your plan — always to your benefit.

What makes us different? And is different better?

Who We Are

We’re Dedicated Professionals – We care deeply about your financial success, so we work diligently to develop the most prudent advice. We invest in advanced and continuing education for our team members. Staying up to date is just a piece of our strategy to help fulfill our ultimate goal of generating positive results for you.

We’re Value-Oriented Investors – We believe in owning stocks of high-quality businesses. We don’t trade a lot of stocks or play the market. We don’t utilize technical market analysis or charting, and we don’t try to time market swings or speculate in derivatives. Absher Wealth Management believes in long-term investing focused on inflation-adjusted returns not short-term volatility.

We’re Team Players – We’re in this with you! Our greatest joy is seeing you improve your financial future. We do it by owning a concentrated and focused portfolio of stocks — a combination of investments designed to help you succeed.

Who We Are not

We’re not Product Salesmen – We are nothing like the typical advisor who is motivated by product commissions.  We won’t pretend to see the future, nor to have discovered a strategy that only goes up or magically avoids all market risks. Our strategies do not have layers of fees. We do not use fund of funds or complex alternatives. And we certainly do not farm out our asset management. That part of the relationship is strictly between you and us.

We’re not Closet Indexers – Some investment people play the middle of the field — using diversified Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and mutual fund-based portfolios that mirror index funds. So they end up like the zebras in the middle of the pack. Not captured by the lions, merely safe for the moment, but always watching their backs. Unfortunately, the lackluster returns from a closet index portfolio could ruin your retirement plans.

We don’t try to mimic any index. We believe our approach will outperform the market over time by avoiding bubbles on the way up and the temptation to cash out during downswings. Our investment strategy will seek to avoid low quality businesses or even entire sectors when the risk-reward isn’t attractive. We always benchmark our performance to help you know how you’re doing.

The Team

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